The Idiot Nuclear War (Japanese: 愚かな核戦争 Orokana kakusensō) was a series of conflicts that occurred between various members of the Circle of Idiots group between September and November 2018.

Jasper redemption arc pls

Jasper telling the mods that the suggestion box was a lame idea.


Tensions were rising in the Circle of idiots. Frustrated with the inequality and the lack of moderation in the chat, Molly stepped up and asked to become a mod. She was accepted as one of the team and with the aid of Paul, Charlotte, Shiny and Strider, new changes slowly began occurring, such as the addition of the Suggestion Box and the bringing back of a weekly group event.

However, one mod in particular, Shiny, was not pleased with these new changes. He began ranting to Jasper and getting annoyed at the other mods. The war began.

The September Attack

The largest amount of conflict occurred in early to mid September. Most of these consisted of Shiny and Jasper complaining about the new changes enacted by the mods. Shiny was soon taken off the mod team and both offenders were told off.

Their complaining lead to the mods trying to find a peaceful middle ground in order to avoid the conflict. In some cases this made more people upset however; for example Molly was not pleased that the events required completing a large number of polls beforehand in order to make things more fairer. This could have lead to less people attending the events in future months (as reported by Busra), however, nobody is sure of the exact cause of this.

Over time, the mods became very stressed out by all this new conflict. This lead to Molly and Paul leaving the Circle of Idiots.

The October Conflicts

Unhappy that the offenders were getting minimal punishment for their deeds, Paul and Molly left the chat until a possible solution could be worked out. But, as time went on, the possibility of a solution became smaller and smaller as the other mods encouraged them to stay out of the chat, whilst the offenders remained there and were supported despite the hurt they had caused. Upset and feeling betrayed, Molly reached out to Busra for help, and together Paul, Molly and Busra began a secret rebellion.

The November Resolution

After finding happiness in their secret rebellion, Paul and Molly gave up the fight and ceased asking for a solution in the Circle of Idiots. Strider asked the two if they would like an apology from Shiny. Whilst Molly didn't care, Paul said "eat my shorts".

A week into November, Busra decided to take a break from the Circle of Idiots. However, she too is finding happiness elsewhere.