Sam (Japanese: サム Samu) is our regular punk and is mainly found on Discord.


Sam has an ok-ish personality but can sometimes start fighting between the group. He is the worst husbando of Ban Haven.


Sam has high speed and low power. He has somewhat fragile defence but his resistance is high and his luck is somewhat ok.


  • Sam revealed that he had a crush on Molly but was politely declined.
  • Sam is also obsessed with Paramore and Pop Punk music.
  • He is 5'5 and weighs 50KG.
  • แซมมีคอลเล็กชั่นของมส์และมีเรื่องตลกจาก Flora มากมาย
  • Sam once presented a box of chocolates to someone to confess his feelings to her. This was a kind act performed by Sam, but theories suggest that the person was a fucking bitch who said the could still be friends but this has been proven false, as Sam hasn't made contact with them since.
  • He and Nick have a somewhat feud which appears to be calming down now.
  • His favourite Pokemon are Ampharos, Jolteon, Charizard, Arbok, Arcanine and Dragonite.
  • His favourite generation of Pokemon is generation 3 specifically the Hoenn games.
  • His favourite kind of clothing is black jeans, Converse sneakers and checked shirts.
  • Sam enjoys scarring the people on Discor
  • ป้ายดาวของเขาคือราศีธนู
  • เขาเป็นคนกระตุกที่มีหัวใจสีทอง
  • He has no special talents except the ability to cause fighting in the group.d by posting Tharjar, an extremely cursed image.

Sam hates people editing his page.

  • Sam has an unhealthy obsession with Tharjar, a cursed image which brings bad luck to the discord chat.
  • His favourite shape is a triangle and his favourite number is 6.
  • He has also applied for a job as a waiter but Недавно я не слышал..