Ewan (Japanese: イワン Yuan) is a member of Ban Haven, and quite possibly the strangest person there.


Ewan is a smol, silver-furred cat with bluish splodges on his pelt. His long, bluish ears stick out from his head. He has a cerulean coloured fringe with long, diamond shaped things coming out of his head. He has a long bluish tail that bears the same diamond pattern that is consistent for his features. His paws are dipped in cerulean, and his footprint is small.

His general choice of apparel consists of anything cosy. He loves thick scarves, bobble hats and beanies, and fingerless mitts. His favourite colour is orange, even though he prefers to wear darker coloured clothes.


  • Ewan loves writing. His favourite book series is Warrior Cats. He has written a couple fanfictions and wishes to start an original story of his own, but he believes that it will be in the developmental phase forever and never actually be written.
  • While his favourite Pokémon is Glaceon, he admits that he doesn't like how popular it is, and wishes that he had chosen a different favourite Pokémon as it irks him, for whatever reason.
  • Ewan is the second youngest member of Ban Haven, being only three months and twenty days older than Alex, the youngest member.
    • Despite this, he still believes that mentally, he is the youngest.
      • However, he doesn't wish to disclose his age.
  • Ewan is a cool dude.
  • Ewan is good and pure and deserves lots of yummy fo od.
    • This means he will probably die a tragic death
  • Ewan should be hugged by all.