Büsra (Japanese: ブスラ Busura) is a person...who exists. She's the creator of Organization XIV and thus is known as Queen of Skypentia. She's also known for her obsession with space, the TV-series Steven Universe by Rebecca Sugar and the manga series Akatsuki no Yona by Mizuho Kusanagi (bless their souls).


Büsra is a crazy fangirl who gets obsessed with stuff way too quickly. She has wavy, messy brown hair, brown eyes and glasses that are way too big for her. She's honestly nothing special at all, just a simple kawaii bean with big dreams.


  • Büsra's favourite food is pancakes,
  • Büsra has an undying love for three things; the moon, Yona and Molly,
  • Büsra sucks at French,
  • Büsra's favourite pokémon is Absol,
  • Büsra is a filthy weeb.
  • Büsra is currently married to Molly,
  • Büsra really should grow some balls and approach the people she wants to be friends with for once,
  • Büsra is a lovely person and we all lov her very much <3